Career Lost and Found 
Open the Door ... Your Future is Waiting!

Welcome!  I'm Joanne Dustin and I'm a career coach and consultant.  

When I left the corporate world and launched my coaching practice, I shared the name I had chosen, and my logo, with my friends and associates. 

One responded, "Career Lost and Found?  I don't get it ... and what's with the door?" 

Here's my answer:

Career Lost and Found is about losing your job/career, either literally or figuratively, and finding a new career direction, one that truly fits who you are and what you want to accomplish in your life. 

The door represents the invisible barrier many of us encounter between where we are and where we want to be.  As a coach,  I have helped many people identify and remove their barriers and find new careers that have changed their lives significantly. 

Maybe I can help you. 


Joanne Dustin is a career coach and consultant with over 25 years experience in the IT industry. She is a Professional Certified Career Coach, Career Coach Institute; a Certified Coach of Leaders, Linkage, Inc., and a member of the International Association of Career Coaches, the Association of Career Professionals International, the International Coach Federation, the Northeast Human Resources Association, Women in Technology International, and the National Association of Female Executives.

 She has published her first book: Life Beyond I.T: Open the Door … Your Future is Waiting!, featuring stories of people who have left the corporate I.T. world and are finding passion and purpose in their lives through new careers.  She has also authored many articles.

 Joanne holds an MS in Organization and Management from Antioch University - New England, and a BS in Management and Computer Science from Franklin Pierce University.

 She lives and works in Framingham, MA.






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