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What Joanne’s clients say about her coaching services:


Joanne is a superb coach. She created a safe environment and then professionally guided me to become "unstuck", articulate dreams, and begin a new journey. This has been a profound experience which has deeply touched my life. I have gained new hope and awareness and have new momentum in my life.

Joanne is a very experienced coach and is easily approachable to discuss any kind of personal or career challenges, or issues.


Joanne is a great listener and helped me to understand the behaviors of others, and to adjust my style for a better result.


I had a wonderful experience.  Joanne was so helpful and easy to open up to.  She really made me think about my life and what I want to do with it.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.


Joanne is a wonderful listener and mentor.  She is thoughtful and kind and always available.  She has the ability to “pull” thoughts, dreams or desires out of you that you didn’t see on your own.  I enjoyed my coaching sessions with Joanne and think she added much value to my approach to the future. 


Joanne helped me make a good but hard decision for myself to give up what I felt was my only secure avenue at the time.


Joanne is wonderful!  She is the perfect coach, an excellent listener, someone who easily builds trust and truly understands where the individual comes from  She encourages you to follow your dreams realistically and goes out of her way to suggest resources to tap into for growth and development purposes.  I consider her to be a role model and hope to have more opportunities to learn from her.


My interaction was based on a crisis situation.  Joanne was professional, intuitive, and my time with her was reassuring.  She is one of the best listeners I have ever encountered.


The whole experience was crucial to the great success I am having now.  Without this kind of guidance, I either would have ended up making far less money in a less rewarding position, or even working in another field that doesn’t truly interest me.  I’m also working toward other career goals that I have always thought about but never put much effort into, and I’m constantly searching for different ways to motivate myself.  I couldn’t possibly recommend Joanne enough.

Note: Commentors' names are not included to respect their confidentiality. 

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